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What’s Tailwind CSS?

Tailwind CSS is a CSS framework to add styles to a web page without leaving the HTML. In the same document where you mock up the page, you apply the classes you need.

Ruby on Rails & Tailwind CSS

I’m going to show you how to create a project with Rails 6.1 and its default Webpacker version (4.5), and configure Tailwind CSS with its dependencies and JIT mode enabled.

You’ll end up with a project that compiles the final CSS automatically, and refreshes the browser for you as well…

Frontend vs Backend

Frontend and backend are two different specializations in web development. In the 2000s, a frontend developer was the same person who designed the site, while the rest were backend developers.

Now in a medium or big company there are many more roles involved. But in small companies (also called start-ups)…

Gear wheels

You are developing a Ruby application where the user can sign up, and after submitting the form, the user has to receive an email. Will you send it immediately? If so, the user will have to wait while the application connects to the email server and sends the actual email…

The Amazon Simple Email Service is a cloud service inside AWS (Amazon Web Services) to send and receive email. I have used it to send emails, and it worked flawlessly. It has a reasonable maximum sending quota, and it’s pretty fast for a modest web application.

It has serious competitors…

Pile of books

A web stack is like a pile of books.

  • The top element is the application with which the user can interact, while the bottom element is the base: the operating system.
  • The other elements in between are the technology necessary for both the application and the operating system to communicate…

Database server

A website can be static or dynamic. For any web application with a minimum of complexity a database management system (abbreviated as DBMS) is required.

It’s important to note that I will talk about public web applications such as e-commerce sites, social networks, classified ad sites, blogs, and so on…

Redis logo

Redis is an in-memory data structure store used to help building high-performance and scalable web applications, similar to Memcached, but with these main differences:

  • Redis can persist data to disk, making it a kind of NoSQL database, so data won’t disappear when restarting the server. …

iMac with an external monitor

When I learnt C in 1995 I used a DOS editor by Borland. Since graphical environments became popular and more used, programming editors were also evolving.

Nowadays we have two different kind of editors: text editors and IDEs. …

Memcached is a free and open-source high-performance memory caching system. It’s typically used to cache database data, API calls or page rendering chunks in RAM to increase the application performance.

It can store data as little as a number, or as big as a finished HTML page.

The system is…

David Morales

Computer engineer. Working as a web developer since 2000.

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